Are you still paying SEO agencies to build your backlinks? Well, that can end today. With Backlink Machine you can do that on WordPress sites yourself. 

We know exactly how important the ranking of your websites on Google is. A position on the first page in Google Search Results can definitely increase your website traffic and thus increase your sales.

But getting backlinks has never been easy. The process either costs you a lot of money or it takes a lot of time to do it yourself.

That’s why most marketing specialists pay SEO agencies to create their backlinks, get better Google positions and thus more profit.

How about creating your backlinks directly on your WordPress website with a single click? Wouldn’t that be great? Look on and see how you can do it in the future.

Introducing The “Backlink Machine”!

WP Backlink Machine is a useful tool to easily get at least 500 backlinks to your website. You can automatically get a defined number for backlinks to every new article you publish but you can also request backlinks for your existing posts and website pages.

Are you interested? Well read on and you’ll see how easy backlinking can be for you in the future!



Front End – FEATURES

The Backlink Machine offers two front end versions.

  • One is for a single website and you get credit for 500 Backlinks, at the moment for $47.00
  • The second front end version you can use on unlimited websites and get credit for 2000 backlinks plus an extra bonus, the foto finder white label bonus. $67.00.

With both versions you get:

A WordPress Plugin building backlinks on your articles with just a push of a button. You install the Backlink Machine Plugin, activate it and off you go, backlinking to your existing content.

On every new post or page, you add to your website you’ll get the number of backlinks you defined in the settings.

– As you see in the image above you can add any number of anchor texts and keywords to your backlinks. This can be done for each post, page separately.

– You can ask for a detailed complete backlink report of your backlink situation. Within 48 hours you can see where all your backlinks are published. 

– Google is not stupid and if you generate a ton of backlinks all at once Google will get suspicious. This is why the Backlink Machine software spreads your links over time, a request will be placed within the next few days.

– The blogs your backlinks are posted on are all indexed posts and the BM software makes sure your backlinks get indexed too.

– Get 20-50 backlinks on AUTOPILOT to every new post you publish within the next 48 hours. Once you have defined the settings new articles get backlinks automatically without you moving a finger.

– The Program does it all by itself, there’s no manual work involved. Once the plugin is installed and active, the settings are defined you can focus 100% on content creation, the backlinks will be added automatically.

Save all your expenses for outsourcing the backlinking side of your website business. SEO services offering backlinking are often quite expensive and the results are not necessarily worth what you pay for.

The Backlink Machine does the job for much less even if you need all the OTOs to get more backlinks every new month.

– Backlinks Unlimited you can even use for Unlimited WordPress Sites.

Backlink Machine PRO Version Features

– Of course, you get all the features of the Backlink Machine Front End Version but also #Variante 1 Website ($24.00) or #Variante unlimited Websites ($27.00)plus…..

– Build your backlinks from one single platform, get access to the Web SaaS Interface and do all your backlinking even more convenient.

– In the PRO version, you can not only build 1 backlink type but 5.

– Instantly get 3000 more backlink credits. For each credit, you can ask for 1 backlink.

– Do you work with YouTube as a marketing platform? With the PRO version, you can now also use the backlinks for your YouTube campaigns.

– Get organized and copy PDF backlink reports to your Google worksheet.

– To optimize your anchor text addons you need to know the best keywords used for your campaigns. The PRO version includes a keyword research tool that finds the most relevant keywords for you to get even more traffic.

– Set & forget daily new backlinks. Automate your daily backlink campaigns for the next 30 days. You can set this automation up once and 20 new backlinks are automatically added every day.

Download Backlink Machine now!

How Does BM Work?

The work with Backlink Machine is as easy as it can get. Check the video below and follow the instructions.

BM Pros:

  1. All automated, no more hard work.
  2. All for a reasonable price, save your SEO agency fees for your holidays.
  3. Newbie and very user-friendly.
  4. If you have problems there’s no problem, there’s SUPPORTBacklink-Machine

BM Cons

  1. To get good results you need a fast internet connection.
  2. Can only be used on WordPress websites.
  3. When your credits are used up you need a monthly credit plan.


There is no easier and cheaper way to increase your website rankings with backlinks. Backlinks alone will not get you in the first position of Google search results but it will surely help to get closer.

Compared to SEO service contracts this plugin is definitely a low-cost solution you can try. Backlinking by writing articles in forums is a time-consuming task and sharing only in social media is not really doing the job.

Getting 100eds and 1000ends of backlinks done automatically can definitely help your website performance and with this, you get more traffic which equals to more sales 🙂

. GET Your copy of Backlink Machine Here!

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  1. Yes! Finally; a service I have been seeking for a very long time. Thank goodness I have seen this. Backlinks take a very long time to do and so does the search engines optimizations. It takes oh so much time. Hopefylly this service will remove much of these high expenses. 

  2. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.this article is full of tons of information about backlink machine. With this article .

    I believe I can do it on my own to gain google ranking and have a speedy WordPress blog. The price for the backlink is pocket friendly, thanks for the information. Great read, best regards 

  3. Your review on the back link machine is appreciated. It’s really the first time of knowing about this application Of course I will love my site to be recognized and ranked well on Google. This application as well will improve my web site’s traffic and put my site in a good position to be recognized. It’s cool that it is affordable. I will be going for this application. Is there any special process in installing this application? Thanks. 

  4. Can the BM be used alone without the SEO services and still get an excellent result? Is there any hope a future BM can be released whish will be compatible with nonwordpress sites? What risk is there using the BM for a site if Google discovers (after getting suspicious)? Can one rely solely on the BM to get back links for already created articles on a wordpress site?.

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